Towards E-Governance


For the first time the RA Government envisaged a seperate item of expenditure in 2007 State Budget for keeping and maintaning informational centres in all 10 marzes, as well as electronic system of territorial administration (
Informational technologies are widely applied in the developed countries all over the world for ensuaring effective management of the local self-government area, transparency of the LSGB-ies' activities, which means increase of the efficiency and quality of self-government, as well as decrease of the corruption risks.
The process of informatization of the local self-government bodies in Armenia started in 1996, by the establishment of the first informational-analytical centre in the municipality of Charentsavan.
During the last years international organizations played an important role in the direction of informatization of local self-government bodies. Since 2001-2003 the introduction of e-governance system is being implemented in 10 marzes and 12 towns by the UNDP Project Support to Information Society and Democratic Governance .
Informational centres and electronic system of territorial government were established in the framework of the project through which decisions of marzpets and mayors, current news and information of marzpetarans and city halls can be seen in their web-sites. The informational centres help the residents to use the system of electronic management, to be aware of the activities carried out in marzpetrans (municipalities), as well as to use the possibilities provided by Internet.
The Internet web-site of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration has been put into action since March 2007, which in near future will substitute becoming the main link of the global informational system to be created in the whole territory of the Republic.
Nowadays the non-governmental organization Information Systems Development and Training Centre implements the activities directed towards the establishment of informational system of community administration, as well as its setting and application in the other communities. The system will include the whole information on the community, in future it might enable to connect it to the global republican net. By connecting all the systems the global net will not only become integral, but also will ensure the transparency of the activities of the local self-government bodies, a step of progress will be registered in the field of territorial government.
It is envisaged to create internal computer nets in certain communities, as well as to carry out training for the officials using the system.

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