Every Effort is Made to Improve the Professional Skills of Rescuers


Active efforts are underway in Lori region to improve the professional skills of rescuers, as well as increase the level of preparedness in case of emergencies.

According to the Head of Lori Regional Rescue Department (LRRD), r/s Colonel Hrach Antonyan, the barracks and the offices of the rescue detachments of the region had recently been renovated, the territories were fenced, the conditions to organize service and rest of the rescuers had been improved.

“To carry out the tasks assigned for fire-rescuers properly and continuously maintain their combat capability, to improve the professional knowledge and skills through practical and theoretical studies, there was a need to have a parade platform for training and specially equipped classrooms”,- noted the head of LRRD, r/s Colonel H. Antonyan.

For this purpose, last year an appropriate classroom was established in Vanadzor N1 fire rescue detachment, for conducting training courses on themes “Fire extinguishing and rescue activities at heights, rope work”, “Search and rescue operations with appropriate tools to bring out victims from the ruins and to provide necessary assistance”, “Extinguishing and rescue operations in case of fires and accidents occurred in the public transportation means”, “Discover the victims in smoke-filled areas”, etc.

For practical work implementation, the wooden building, built after the earthquake, was dismantled, and a new parade ground was built in its place, with adequate training facilities for fire-rescuers and disaster medical personnel.

The construction of the training site was mostly organized and implemented by the staff of Vanadzor N1 fire rescue detachment, at the initiative of the commander of the detachment, r/s Lieutenant Colonel Sasha Ghazaryan and by the support of the Chief of LRFI fires registration safety inspection and propaganda department Aram Mkrtchyan.

“The idea of building a parade ground originated, when the Head of Lori Regional Rescue Department (LRRD), r/s Colonel Hrach Antonyan, returned from a business trip to the United States and told about the Kansas polygon. Naturally, we could not do everything that told H. Antonyan, as there were many ideas and desires, but capabilities were limited. What we've built and completely finished in 2016, is still enough for conducting exercises with the staff”, - assured S. Ghazaryan.

The parade ground now has a completely renovated 15-meter training tower, reinforced concrete structures and other necessary materials were located in the territory to recreate the models of collapse of the buildings, traffic accidents, as well as other possible examples of emergencies.

Note, that among the five teams, that joined the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group of the United Nations (INSARAG) is a search and rescue team of Lori region, 24 out of 47 rescuers are from Vanadzor N1 fire and rescue team.

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