RA TAES Ministry Created Bases for Protecting People from Snowstorm


 On January 13, Minister A. Yeritsyan participated at the testing of the deployment of temporary bases, protecting people from snowstorms, which was held on the parade ground of the RA Ministry of TAES, during which, the means and opportunities for providing assistance to citizens in such situations were presented.

Taking into consideration the heavy snowfall in the country at the beginning of the year and emergencies caused in the regions as a result of the snowstorm, the RA Ministry of TAES will deploy temporary bases in Aragatsotn, Syunik and Gegharkunik regions, in order to assist citizens, who have stuck in the snow. If necessary, the mobile base stations can be installed in other regions as well.

The rapid deployable tents with metal and pneumatic poles and double-layer roofs will be installed in the defined territories, which will serve as a temporary shelter for people, and provide heat and hot food in cold weather. These tents are designed for field work, and can also serve as organized headquarters on-site for rapid response services.

The tents are waterproof and are equipped with devices, that can provide first aid, particularly to patients with symptoms of frostbite. In case of zero temperature outside, 50 ° C temperature can be provided inside the tent. The tents can be deployed within 3-5 minutes. The tent can provide medical assistance simultaneously to two people, but the hot food and drinks may benefit even more people.

Specially retrained medical specialists will serve the citizens in the bases. If necessary, 540 medical employees from 6 regions of Armenia, who have been retrained in the framework of a joint program of the RA Ministry of TAES and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation will join them in the regions.

Speaking to reporters, Minister A. Yeritsyan noted, that winter can still present surprise, hindering the movement of the citizens:
- The roads of the republic were closed or impassable for several days, therefore, I have decided to establish a mobile bases to support people in such situations. The service will be carried out by specially trained personnel of the ministry. The affected citizens will receive medical help or stay in here, as long as their cars will be evacuated from the drifts. For example, people blocked and frozen on Sisian- Goris highway are taken to Sisian or Goris, which requires a long time, and the bases will enable the rescuers and the doctors to provide first aid on the spot. We have done and are doing everything possible to lend a helping hand to our citizens in difficult situations, - concluded A. Yeritsyan.

Note, that in the period from 31 December, 2015, until 11 January 2016, the RA MTAES Crisis Management National Center recorded 236 cases of blocking people and vehicles in the snow. In those days, 3147 people and 1265 vehicles were taken to safe place by the rescuers.



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