Working Consultative Meeting Held in the RA MTAES


A working consultative meeting chaired by Minister A. Yeritsyan was held in the RA MTAES, on January 15.

The consultative meeting discussed issues relating to structural changes made in the Ministry of TAES, according to the decision of the Government N 349, on November 19, 2015.

According to the aforementioned decision SNCO “Center on Active Impact to Atmospheric Phenomena” of the RA MTAES has joined the SNCO “Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Service of Armenia”, and the new SNCO is called “Service of Hydrometeorology and Active Impact to Atmospheric Phenomena”. SNCO Director L. Vardanyan reported to the Minister on the process of changes, challenges and recruitment issues.

The Minister instructed to seriously follow up the activities of service centers and stations, and closely cooperate with international organizations, in particular, with the Russian partners, with a view of introducing modern methods and solutions of hydrometeorology.

-I instruct and exhort all of you, to redouble your energy and efforts to the development and improvement of all the service centers and stations. Form an active cooperation with the Russian company “Roscosmos”, to get acquainted with the innovations developed by their company,- added Minister A. Yeritsyan.

The meeting, also discussed issues relating the construction and installation of the infrastructures, being built in the administrative area of the RA Ministry of TAES and commissioned in the near future.

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