New Cooperation Aimed at Enhancing Nuclear and Radiation Security


On January 18, the RA TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan received Ashot Martirosyan, the Chairman of the RA State Nuclear Safety Regulatory Committee.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the development of cooperation between MTAES and the RA State Nuclear Safety

Committee on establishing state regulatory control over nuclear and radiation safety in atomic energy utilization field.

It is expected, that in the near future, six employees of the RA State Nuclear Safety Regulatory Committee will also get workplaces in the Crisis Management National Centre (CMNC) of MTAES.

This activity, established between the separate divisions of the Ministry, will provide an opportunity to cope effectively with potential nuclear and radiological threats, as well as more effectively implement measures to ensure the safety of the population and personnel, environmental protection and security of Armenia.

Important components of the cooperation between the RA two bodies will be regular training drills, with the participation of all stakeholders. Civil aviation may also be involved in the sphere, the role of which will be the implementation of the primary (preliminary) monitoring. Activities will also be carried out on raising public awareness towards the nuclear and radiation safety.

In conclusion, Minister A. Yeritsyan introduced Ashot Martirosyan the functions, structure, technical equipment of the CMNC, as well as the backup server center of the RA Government.

The RA State Nuclear Safety Regulatory Committee by the Government is a republican body of executive authority, which implements State regulation in the use of atomic energy (safety of nuclear installations, the safe use of ionizing radiation sources, safe management of radioactive waste and the safe transportation of nuclear and radioactive materials) to provide nuclear safety of population and personnel, environmental protection and to promote Republic of Armenia’s security interests. 

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