Shirak Governor Gave Highest Appreciation to ES Management system


Referring to the recently publications disseminated in the media about the final meeting, dedicated to the activities of the RA MTAES Shirak regional departments, carried out during the year of 2015, Shirak Governor Felix Tsolakyan noted:
- I highly appreciate rescue service activities, the rescuers’ professionalism and dedication, particularly, the activities carried out by rescuers, who help people blocked in the snowstorm. As for fire extinguishing activities, I have expressed my concern over the fact, that there are densely populated areas, where it is extremely difficult to carry out firefighting activities. Therefore, we need to keep our focus on these issues and try to find solutions.

Speaking of fires, the Governor compared the extinguishing of fires in the waterless fields, with going for extinguishing without water.

Governor of Shirak was also pleased with the effective work carried out by the regional crisis management center created last year. He stressed, that they are ready to support the center.

In his speech, Shirak Governor F. Tsolakyan praised the work carried out by Hydrometeorological Service, noting, that the accuracy of weather forecasts has incomparably been increased recently. 

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