National Disaster Risk Management Program Related Activities Discussed


On January 26 the RA TAES Deputy Minister Haykaram Mkhitaryan received Disaster Risk Management specialist, Project Team representative Ko Takeuchi. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the World Bank’s (WB) National Disaster Risk Management Program activities and future undertakings.

The Program, launched on January 19, current year, is aimed at supporting the Government of Armenia to further strengthen Armenia’s capacity on disaster risk management.

Project Team representative Ko Takeuchi welcomed the activities of the RA TAES Ministry carried out in disaster risk management sphere and presented some issues worth of discussion.
-The key objective of the Program is to evaluate the disaster response capacity. Disaster risk management is increasingly recognized as an important aspect for the country’s development. In this context, the Program intends to develop a new seismic zoning map, and upgrade its building codes.

WB expert presented the envisaged programs, that will further advance disaster resilience by improving disaster risk information and strengthening disaster preparedness. Mr. Takeuchi mentioned, that the Program will facilitate the alignment of the National Strategy on Disaster Risk management to the Sendai Framework and the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development goals.

Deputy Minister H. Mkhitaryan thanked for the cooperation and expressed readiness to assist in all possible ways:
- Any disaster drops the country's development back by decades. No one is insured from a sudden danger. But we can take the appropriate measures to mitigate the consequences of the disaster. The RA TAES Ministry is ready for open cooperation. I am confident, that this program is sure to be fulfilled.

The implementation of the National Disaster Risk Management Program became possible thanks to “Japan and World Bank Program for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management in Developing Countries” and by technical support from the Disaster Risk Management Hub, Tokyo.

It provides cooperation between the RA relevant ministries, UN agencies represented in Armenia, international financial organizations and civil society organizations. 


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