Words into Action: Sendai Plan in Action


 A seminar discussion on the theme: “The process of developing skills on disaster risk management (DRM)” was held in Yerevan, on January 26.

The overall objective of the event was to assess the ability in disaster risk reduction and management spheres, to discuss and further identify existing shortcomings, to create DRM roadmap, as well as to outline the further activities.

The workshop was attended by representatives of the RA TAES Ministry, various agencies, United Nations Development Program, the World Bank, the media and other interested parties.

The workshop kicked off with the video material representing the way passed by Armenia after the earthquake in Spitak and significant progress in the field of disaster management.

DRR National Platform Director M. Poghosyan, noted, that Armenia has registered considerable progress in DRM and DRR spheres, considering it as the result of equal efforts of all stakeholders:
- We're all trying to create disaster-resistant Armenia. Today's small contribution to the field can fold back and give positive results,- concluded M. Poghosyan.

Welcoming the guests, SFA national coordinator, RS Deputy Director, r/s Major-General Nikolay Grigoryan highlighted the Sendai Framework for Action, launched in 2015 and the previous one, Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA), in the establishment of the country, resistant to disasters, and noted, that is very important to understand, what potential and vision has Armenia today:
- Everything started from Spitak earthquake. In 2005-2010, we brought to life Hyogo Action Plan, after which Armenia made great progress in this sphere. In SFA the targets are set clearly, and our expectations are higher. Disaster risk reduction is not a monopoly of one ministry or one structure. We have gathered today to clarify our role and activities. I hope, that all of you will invest personal and professional skills to carry out this important mission, - added N. Grigoryan.

The World Bank Disaster Risk Management Specialist Ko Takeuchi stressed the importance to specify further actions for the next 15 years in the framework of SFA. He added, that the World Bank is ready to support all stakeholders to achieve the desired result. In his speech, Ko Takeuchi also presented the steps, that are being implemented in the field by the World Bank funding.

A.Chilingaryan, the UNDP representative, delivered a report on “The RA DRR Capacity Development in 2010-2015”, during which he presented the dangers existing in the Republic of Armenia, the most dangerous of them, the appearance of possible disasters caused by climate change, the development of mechanisms combating them and DRM system formation.

During the workshop, N. Grigoryan presented a thematic report on “From Spitak to Sendai: SFA and DRM capacity building in Armenia”, and the WB representative A. Nazinyan presented “DRM format, and evaluation process”.

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