When Entertainment Becomes an Emergency Situation


On January 31, at 21: 27 pm, the CMC “911” service of Lori Regional Rescue Department received a call from expedition group members, who had left for campaign to Mets Parni community of Lori region, called “Trchkan”. The participants of the campaign, who spent all day outdoors in the frost and snow, got tired and could not return back.

At 21: 29, a combat unit of Spitak fire and rescue detachment left for the scene on SUV. The firefighter- rescuers found a group of 13 people, young boys and girls, all residents of Yerevan, 5 km far from Shirakamut village. On the morning of January 31, they went hiking in Trchkan, and on the way back, exhausted, they were cold and wet, and found it difficult to return.

They were taken to Spitak fire-rescue detachment by the rescuers. Necessary assistance was provided to them. When the group members felt better, the rescuers helped them to reach Yerevan.

The peculiar form of entertainment for young people might seriously endanger their health, if they would not alarm the rescuers and if necessary aid wouldn’t be provided to them by the rescuers.

No matter, in summer or winter, day or night, in the air, in water or on land, in the most difficult moment rescuers are always near you.

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