Landslides Management Program is Effective


On February 8, Rescue Service Director, r/s Lieutenant-General Sergey Azaryan received the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) intermediate evaluation group members.

The purpose of the group was to evaluate the process of the landslide management program implemented in Armenia jointly with JICA, the effectiveness, compliance, duration and progress of the project.

According to S. Azaryan, the effectiveness of the program, implemented jointly with Japanese partners is rather high.

During the discussion, reference was also made to the transportation of drilling equipment in Armenia, provided to the rescue service within the framework of the program, and customs clearance related issues.

RS director informed the members of the intermediate evaluation group, that a drilling team had already been established in rescue service, which was passing appropriate training.

The members of the evaluation team thanked the Armenian side for the support provided during the project implementation.

On February 11, the Japanese Agency evaluation team members, plan to make a report on their study, conducted during the implementation of the program.

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