Board Meeting at TAES Ministry


The best employees of 2015 were awarded

On February 9, the Board expanded session was held at the RA Ministry of TAES, devoted to the summarization of activities carried out by the Ministry in 2015. The Board meeting was attended by the heads of all structural and separated divisions of the Ministry.

The RA TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan gave the floor to RS Director, r/s Lieutenant General Sergey Azaryan for the main report.

The main directions of the ministry's activities and the results obtained in 2015 were presented in the basic summary report. All divisions of the Ministry had fully carried out the tasks set before them.

The activities towards the creation of the Crisis Management Centers (CMC) in all RA regions were brought to completion, the decentralization of the “911” service was carried out, in the result of which, the calls from the settlements were addressed to the relevant regional CMC. A pilot project on installation of a centralized alarm system was implemented in Tavush region.

Yerevan Urban Search and Rescue Team successfully underwent UN’s international standards relevant qualification, as a medium urban search and rescue team, and became a member of INSARAG. The creation of the Armenian-Russian Humanitarian Response Center was completed and the official opening of the center will soon take place.


Minister A. Yeritsyan instructed to award officer ranks to those employees, who faithfully served more than 5 years in rescue service and had got higher education. The Minister highlighted the issue of providing opportunities for professional advancement of rescue officers.

The RA TAES Minister inquired about the seismic data recordings and results of work of the deformograph from the Head of “Seismic Protection Survey” Agency Hrachya Petrosyan, and instructed to strictly follow up the process, as well as to complete the installation of equipments recording the seismic activity during the year of 2016. According to Minister, taking into account the lessons of the devastating earthquake in Spitak in 1988., Seismic Protection Survey should be one of the most powerful services of MTAES.

Minister Yeritsyan instructed the Head of “State Fire and Technical Safety Inspection” Ashot Mkrtchyan to pay attention to the issue of compensation of losses, that occurred during extinguishing fires, caused by the negligence of some entrepreneurs.

In 2015, “State Service for Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of Armenia” and “Service of Active Influence on Atmospheric Phenomena” SNCOs of MTAES were united. The Minister appreciated the integration of services and instructed to keep the focus on the activities of anti-hail stations and ensure, that the newly installed stations comply all the standards.

In the field of technical security the Ministry of TAES performed various activities on prevention and awareness.

TAES Minister instructed the Director of SNCO “National Center of Technical Safety” Ashot Petrosyan to monitor the quality of services provided to citizens by non-governmental organizations in the field of technical safety.

Deputy Minister touched upon the activities carried out in 2015 in territorial administration and local self-government spheres, highlighting the programs directed to communities enlargement and decentralization. According to the Deputy Minister, about 5 million dollars of foreign investment will be done in the enlarged communities. In the area of territorial administration V. Terteryan highlighted the implementation of urgent and regional development programs. The First Deputy Minister noted, that one of the successes achieved in the field of local self-government is the implementation of community budgets and the increase of budget revenues in 2015.

The Head of Migration State Service of MTAES Gagik Yeganyan presented the results of the annual activities of the service. The Migration State Service sent 7826 applications to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation related to the ban on entry into the Russian Federation, and received 7262 responses, of which 3932 - with positive results. The indicator of positive responses in comparison with 2014 had been improved, which, according to the Head of the service, was the result of Minister A. Yeritsyan’s consistent efforts. In particular, that was contributed by the RA TAES Minister’s meeting with the Head of the Federal Migration Service of Russia Konstantin Romodanovsky in Moscow, in 2015.

In his closing remarks, Minister A. Yeritsyan, in general, assessed the activities of the Ministry in 2015. positively, then drew attention to some organizational issues and gave a number of instructions.

The Minister expressed gratitude to TAES employees for the efficient work.

- Every person, who works hard should be encouraged, stressed Minister Yeritsyan.

By TAES Minister’s order a number of employees, as well as structural and separated divisions were awarded by certificates.

By Minister’s another order, the rescuers, who had provided assistance to citizens stuck in the snowstorm would receive monetary awards.  

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