Landslides Management Program Results are Satisfactory


 A meeting of the joint Coordinating Committee of “Landslide Disasters Management in the Republic of Armenia” program was held on February 11, which is jointly implemented by the RA MTAES and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the surveys and report conducted by the intermediate evaluation group. The Head of the program, MTAES Rescue Service Director, r/s Lieutenant-General Sergey Azaryan welcomed the participants of the meeting at the Administrative Complex of TAES Ministry.

In the first phase of the landslide management program, the communities Arapi and Getahovit were selected for conducting pilot projects.

The intermediate evaluation group conducted the primary study on landslide disaster management based on five criteria: effectiveness, correspondence, activity, impact, continuity.

Welcoming the participants of the joint coordinating committee Yukihiko Ejiri, Senior Deputy Director of JICA, noted, that the landslide disaster management program in Armenia ran successfully, and the results of the first phase were satisfactory.

S. Azaryan appreciated the effectiveness of the program, carried out jointly with JICA since 2014. According to him, significant progress was registered in landslide risk management process. He informed the participants of the meeting, that a drilling team was established in the rescue service, and in the result of retraining, the rescuers had the opportunity to use the technical equipment meant for horizontal drilling.

Based on the approved four evaluation criteria (effectiveness, correspondence, activity, continuity) JICA’s intermediate evaluation group gave a high assessment, and the impact of the project is estimated to be positive.

JICA experts also presented a number of proposals related to the implementation of the project, dealing with the effectiveness, the continuity, sharing the skills learned, provision of legal measures in combating landslides and other issues.

After presenting the report, an active debate on the further steps in the framework of the program was held, then JICA intermediate evaluation team members responded to participants questions.

In conclusion, RS Director, r/s Lieutenant-General Sergey Azaryan and Yukihiko Ejiri, Senior Deputy Director of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, signed a joint protocol on the intermediate evaluation team’s report and the meeting.


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