Minister Suren Papikyan Received Paris Defense Council Delegation Led by Patrick Devedjian.


On October 9, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Development Suren Papikyan received the delegation of the Provincial Council and the Council of Elders of Hauts-de-Seine, France headed by the president of the Paris Defense Council Patrick Devedjian.
Warmly greeting the guests, Minister Suren Papikyan mentioned that hosting such a representative delegation from France within the framework of Francophonie is a great honor for Armenia. “Holding the Francophonie summit in Armenia is a really great event for Post-Revolutionary Armenia, as it is a wonderful opportunity for our homeland, which is on its way of rising democracy to present the world in a new way”, said the minister and expressed confidence that such high-level contacts create good prerequisites for further partnerships.
On behalf of the Council of Elders and the staff of Hauts-de-Seine, Patrick Devedjian expressed gratitude for the reception, noting that the visible and tangible achievements of investment projects implemented in the rural communities of Tavush region of RA, held for about ten years by French Armenian Development Foundation and General Council of Hauts-de-Seine make them think about new ideas and visions aimed at the development and expansion of partnership.
Minister Papikyan thanked the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine for building canals, irrigation systems, agrobases and for the implementation of various programmes in the field of farming and animal breeding in the rural communities of Tavush region of RA during the past ten years. Minister Papikyan mentioned that this particular manifestation of the French-Armenian decentralized cooperation has all the necessary practical and contentual prerequisites to expand its geography.
Presenting the complexities of the programme Patrick Devedjian expressed his concerns over the low level of practical knowledge on agriculture and agro-industry among villagers, as well as suggested to discuss the prospects of opening a school of agricultural importance in Tavush region for the development of professional capacity.
Suren Papikyan highly appreciated the proposal to create an educational institution based on agriculture and noted that agriculture based on the latest technologies and advanced knowledge in the Tavush region, which is strategically important for Armenia, is vitally important for the region and can record serious results in the future. The minister assured the guests that the Government of Armenia is interested in the best use of opportunities for cooperation in various spheres and is ready to provide its unconditional support for investing the European rich agricultural practices in Armenia.

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