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TAES Minister Has Met with Residents of Syunik Region: Community Consolidation Program Has Been Discussed


On March 31, TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan has paid a working visit to Syunik region. The purpose of the meeting is to meet with the residents of eight communities included in the pilot program of communities consolidation. Accompanied by Syunik Governor, the Minister has already met with the residents of communities Harzhis, Shinuhayr, Khot of Syunik region.

During the meeting, the residents have shared their concerns and problems of the communities, that are primarily concerned with the problems of irrigation water, repair of roads, gasification and workplace creation. 

During the talk with the residents, Minister Yeritsyan has presented the advantages of communities consolidation program, the most important of which are: more efficient management of communities and utilization of investments in the community. Minister Yeritsyan has noted that, while investing the communities consolidation program in Armenia, they have mainly guided by Germany and Eastern Europe experience. “The management of 915 communities is more difficult and less effective. For example, there is a plant in one community, in the other one there is a cultural center, and in the third one - a sports complex, etc. Consolidation program assumes, that all of these systems can be equally used through communities being in the bunch. Inter-community transport will work for the residents according to their own desire”, - has mentioned Minister Yeritsyan.

Referring to the local referendum, which will take place on May 17 on community consolidation program, Minister Yeritsyan has noted, that both the President’s and the Prime Minister's position is as follows: “The farmer must he himself decide, whether he wants the operation of community consolidation program or not”.

Responding to questions on the communities consolidation program, raised by the villagers, TAES Minister has noted, that in the result of the consolidation program the names of the villages won’t be changed, they will be simply called the settlements, which are included in one community, the community will have one leader, but the heads of the villages will also continue to work for their villages, and the budget allocated to communities will not in any way be reduced, moreover, it tends to increase.
Eight communities of Syunik region are included in the communities consolidation program: Harzhis, Shinuhayr, Khot, Tatev, Svarants, Tandzatap, Qashuni and Halidzor, the total community will be called Tatev, and the center will be the residence Shinuhayr.

Note, that today TAES Minister will also visit Tatev, Svarants, Tandzatap, Qashuni and Halidzor communities.

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